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  • Erin Rosintoski

    Erin Rosintoski

    food, bikes, cities, yeah yeah yeah

  • Startup Exchange

    Startup Exchange

    Georgia Tech's hub for campus entrepreneurship.

  • AC3


    Token powering the world’s first platform to directly earn and purchase from innovative companies.

  • Tommy (En) ♉

    Tommy (En) ♉

    I'm programmer, system admin, music & fashion lover, healthcare addict, average bookworm.

  • Kevin Preis

    Kevin Preis

    I run @Augmental (the content creation company) and Go See Campus @goseecampus (the college trip site). Tweets on writing, marketing, tech. Harvard/Tulane/Gtown

  • Tim Dorr

    Tim Dorr

    Director of Applied Research at @SalesLoft. Formerly of @ShowcaseIDX, @asmallorange, @IgnitionAlley, @armyofbees, and @atdc.

  • Alex J. Ahraus

    Alex J. Ahraus

    But what have I come to do on this Earth, which is so earthly and so earthy? (Erik Satie)

  • Will Ricketts

    Will Ricketts

    Technologist, Geek, Musician

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