A story about how I debugged an issue with our webpack bundles on a serverless infrastructure and the key takeaways about developing JavaScript systems.

The Problem

My team’s CircleCI deployments for our serverless stack began to fail due to a JavaScript out of memory issue during the webpack compilation stage of the process. The logs were outputting the following:

Specifically, we were consistently seeing issues with our user’s service which contains roughly 22 functions at present. After some investigation, I discovered that our bundles being uploaded to AWS’s Lambda (λ) were ~5MB/function. λ can easily handle bundles of this size, but…

Back in August 2019, I managed to encounter both of computer science’s hardest problems: (1) cache invalidation and (2) naming things, while trying to do something relatively simple. I wanted to share my experience and the lessons I learned from that situation.

Problem Background

With any public facing application that experiences medium to high traffic load, you have to implement some form of caching layer. The company I was with has always been good about caching in certain instances. Back in December, I expanded our caching infrastructure for our database using PHP’s PSR-6 standard and the PHP Cache library to expand our…

Dustin Goodman

Engineering Manager at https://labs.thisdot.co/

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